Trisxsyn is  a safe and effective oral liquid hyaluronan supplement for the promotion of joint health and mobility in dogs & cats.   Trixsyn Canine is available in four different concentrations based on a dog's weight and cats, Trixsyn Feline is available in a single concentration that is optimal for cats.   Given daily, Trixsyn's bioavailable hyaluronan provides Systemic Arthotherapy, eliminating the need for other joint supplements.   Unlike cheaper substitutes, they hyaluronan in Trixsyn is not derived from an animal source and is not made in the People's Republic of China.

Trixsyn is an effective and convenient way to:

Improve joint mobility by alleviating pain and reducing inflamation.

Promote the repair, maintenance and protection of cartilage and joint tissues.

Stimulate bone formation by increasing bone mineral density.


Support tissue health and function in the lining of the stomach, intestines and bladder.

Trixsyn's ingredients are:

purified water, sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride, citric acid & potassium sorbate.

Arthiritis, or anything that causes lameness should be addressed as soon as it is noticed.  Your dog deserves the very best care and attention that you can give him or her.   Some of the symptoms to lookout for are:

Trouble walking on bare floors

Trouble rising quickly or desires to get up but can't or won't

Observable limping

Loss of gait symmetry

Head-bob or hip hike with movement

Loss of desire for daily activities

Vocalized pain or a personality change when touched

If you notice yoiur dog experiencing any of these signs, or any others that would lead to believe pain and discomfort are present, have your dog examined by a veterinarian immediately.   Then let us know how we can help you w/ Cogent's Trixsyn.

We keep all the canine formulations in stock and on hand for immediate use and can get you any other formulations quickly upon request.

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