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Q:      How much does training cost?
A:      You'll receive a training price at your Free Canine Temperament Evaluation & Consultation based on what you expect and what, if any, training you or your dog has been exposed to in the past.    

Q:      How long does training take?
A:      Generally 4 - 9 private sessions just to give you a bit of a gauge.      This can vary dramatically though with each situation as each dog is different as is each dog owner.

Q:       Do I really need a trainer?
A:        Depends..........What do you expect from your dog and the relationship between you and your dog.      Your dog wants to be an integral part of your life, just as your are to him.        His loyalty to you will last as long as he does.        I believe that we owe our dogs the opportunity to learn what we want and need from them so that there is purpose in their lives.        This is done through communication and training is simply learning to communicate.    

Q:      What about older dogs w/ behavioral problems?
A:      These are the real challenges.     Behavioral issues are always correctable or at least controllable.    They can take a substantial amount of time and energy as well as patience and persistence.       With our help though, you can get back in control.

Q:   Does your private training adhere strictly to what is listed on your literature?
A:   Absolutely not.        If you & your dog has had previous training and you would just like to "fine-tune" those skills or if you would like to concentrate on something other than or in addition to what is listed, we can generally accommodate you.

Q:   How much work or effort is going to be required of me?
A:   Well,,,,,That depends on what you expect.       You must remember that we are training you as much or more than were training your dog.      With that being said, its important for you to realize that your dog is going to take his training only as seriously as you do.
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